Leadership Matters!

After having spent much time, resources, and effort in studying leadership; after having closely observed leaders; after having served as a leader as well as under leaders–I am convinced of this one thing–leadership matters. It matters because people matter. People are the essence of leadership. Leadership does not exist if people do not exist. Leadership is dependent upon people.

Leadership demands a following. That is, leadership serves no purpose without people. But no leader is worthy of followership if he demands others to follow. Jesus, the ultimate example of leadership, invited others to follow. He did not demand. Leaders who demand followership fail to understand that leadership is influence with others. Leaders do not lord over people; leaders come alongside others, helping others achieve a common goal and purpose.

An highly effective leader understands leadership is not about themselves. It is not about their wants, desires, plans, and dreams. A leader who is self-serving does not deserve a following. A leader who lives for a purpose larger than self, a purpose in which he serves others, will gather a huge following.

Why do you think leadership matters?


3 thoughts on “Leadership Matters!

  1. Tasha, I agree. This is why it is of upmost importance that we as leaders possess the right character. I once had a college professor say, “When it is all said and done, what we have become will be far greater than all that we have ever done.”

    For more information concerning the subject of character, leadership, and its impact on the lives of others, check out my published article “Character Matters” in the “Inner Resources for Leaders”, an online journal published by Regent University.

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